Bedinghaus Realty provides single agent consultative services that dig deeper. Let us get your best selling price possible.

Average number of days between listing date and closing date in 2016



Percentage of original listing price received at closing in 2016



Sold at 102% of listing price in 2 days

2 beds / 2 bath
1,584 sq/ft

Sold at 100% of listing price in 11 days

2 beds / 1 bath
1,452 sq/ft

SOLD at 100% of listing price in 2 days

3 beds / 2 bath
1,993 sq/ft




Set Goals

An initial sit-down consultation with you at the property is the first step. This allows me to not only see your home, which will allow me to properly evaluate its value, but it also allows me to learn about your style and personality and why you are thinking of selling. As we explore together, we discuss your real estate, financial and, if applicable, your familial goals. Is moving the right thing? Or should you consider adding on? My heart is to help you reach your goals. I don’t want to just “list” your home. I want to assist you with your home.



Marketing Strategy

Once you have decided selling is the right thing for you, I prepare a detailed analysis of your home based on your immediate market area, the market climate (Seller’s market or Buyer’s Market), and the level of motivation. I explain in detail what to expect from my team, including a stager and professional photographer. We will then review a proven marketing plan for our success.



Setting the Environment

My team includes a professional stager and all of my clients are asked to meet with her for a consultation. I have had clients with multi-million dollar properties benefit from the expertise of a professional stager. How a home looks and feels in person is vast to how a home looks and feels on film, and online. We are experts at knowing how to properly “set the stage” to attract buyers on line and transform it into a sale.




The Open House for your home is strategically planned and widely promoted. We utilize all forms of online advertising to alert potential buyers of the opportunity to see your home in person. We may also host a Broker Open House, targeted at the local Real Estate community, to generate as much interest as possible in your home. Our goal is to saturate the market with news of your home’s availability, and generate multiple offers to make sure you get the absolute best price and terms for you.



Offer Reviews

When an offer (or multiple offers!) is received, we review the terms and conditions of each offer with you, reviewing the pros and cons of each term thoroughly. Many think, “we’ll just take the highest offer”, but the highest offer may not always be the best offer. There are dozens of elements that are important to the strength of the offer to actually make it to the closing table. We make sure you understand each element clearly, we stand ready to support your value and stand behind it when it comes time for an appraisal. Successfully processing the sales contract is VITAL to get us to the next step, CLOSING.



Oh Happy Day!

Our goal is to have made this process seem effortless to you and that the final day is to be one of joy and celebration.